Club Rules


  • Online Booking is allowed during 9am and 11pm on a daily basis 7 days/week.
  • Online booking is only allowed 24 hours in advance.
    —For example, if a member wants to play on Tuesday at 5pm, they have to wait until Monday (the day before) at 5pm to book the court.
  • Members may only book a court which they themselves will play on the entire time. Booking courts for friends or family is not allowed.
  • The names of all people playing on court must appear on the booking, including guest players.
  • Using another member’s name instead of a guest player’s is NOT allowed. The booking must indicate that it is a guest and the guest’s name, both first and last, must be entered at time of booking the court.
  • A Member can reserve as many courts as he/she would like with 2 hours in between each booked court from the finish of the first playing time to the next .
  • 1 person is allowed to book a court by themselves for 30 minutes on any of the 8 courts.
  • 2 or 3 people are allowed to book a court for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes on any of the 8 courts.
  • 4 people are allowed to book a court for 30 or 60 minutes on any of the 8 courts but they are also allowed to book 90 minutes on courts 1-3 only.
  • “SPLIT DOUBLES” are NOT That means 2 members of a foursome are not allowed to book one court or playing time and the other two members book another court or the following playing time.
  • Booking works on “first come first served basis”.
  • Bookings are available on the half an hour and on the hour.
  • A confirmed booking has precedence over occupancy of a court by a Member who has not booked it.
  • If a slot is found to be un-booked, and a Member books it – even if the start of the slot time has passed and another Member has walked on without booking the court – the Member who made the booking has the right to use that court and the Member occupying the court will need to give it up.
  • Guest fees of $10 must be paid per guest (adult or junior) online at the time of booking the court.
  • Note that all members are required to brush the entire court after playing.Brushing the lines is optional. If the party following your time period does not wish the court to be brushed, you may leave the court without brushing. If there is nobody following your play time, you must brush.
  • Appropriate tennis attire is required.  Proper tennis shoes must be worn, absolutely no running shoes, basketball shoes or cross trainers allowed on court.
  • Please be respectful and mindful of others. Respect the members and the common rules of tennis etiquette.
  • No more than six (6) tennis balls are allowed on the court (with the exception of approved permission from the Club Manager or Pro).
  • Baskets are only allowed on courts 7 and 8.
  • No out side coaching allowed.
  • At certain times during the year the courts will be blocked out for tournament use. During these times Members wishing to make court reservations should inquire directly with the club staff who will know which slots, if any, might be available for Member usage during the tournament.
  • On a daily basis certain playing times will be blocked off for court maintenance and watering of the courts. During those times Members are not to be going on the courts even if they do not see anyone working on them. Members can check the maintenance schedule online.



  • Courts must be claimed within 20 minutes of start time or a ‘no show’ fee of $10 will be applied to all the Member accounts that appear on the booking. No fee will be applied if other courts are available during the same playing time.
  • Cancellation of court bookings can be done without penalty up until 5 hours before the start of the booked slot. Members can make cancellations themselves online.
  • Cancellations made less than 5 hours prior of the booked slot will incur a late cancellation penalty charge of $10 per person. Fees will only be applied if there are no other courts available during that particular playing time. Members will not be allowed to make another online court booking until they log into their account and pay their penalty.
  • When the weather is uncertain, Members can check the conditions of the courts with the Manager. If conditions are uncertain, Members have the option to cancel without penalty, provided that the club staff are aware of the situation.
  • If courts are closed due to weather or other emergencies, all reservations will automatically be cancelled by the club staff. There will be no penalty to the Members. Paid guest fees will be given back to the Members in the form of Club Credit ,which they can use at a later date.



  • Juniors have no restrictions and can book courts the same as any adult member (above rules apply).


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