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Play on the courts is for members and their guests only. All players must wear suitable athletic clothing for tennis on the courts at all times, including shoes that will not damage the clay court surface.

The club is open for play between 8:30 am and 11.00 pm, weather and court conditions permitting. The last court booking is at 10:30 pm, but all play stops at 10:45pm as court maintenance must be completed and lights must be off at 11:00pm. If there is no one using the courts after 9:30 pm the club may close earlier and on weekends if there is no one using the courts after 8:00pm, the club may be closed earlier.

Court Booking

NEW for 2019!!!!! This year we introduced ONLINE BOOKING for the first time. That means that members  are now able to book courts from home on their mobile device or computer. Members are also able to book courts from the computer provided at the club house as well.

Remember the courts are numbered from South to North. Courts 1, 2 and 3 are closest to the Queensway, courts 4 thru 6 are closest to the clubhouse on the South side. Courts 7 and 8 are north of the clubhouse. Court 7 (and sometimes court 8 as well) will usually be reserved for lesson and clinics by our Club Pro. The name of all players on a court should be appearing on the online booking. If players wish to book for an additional time they must wait until their current time ends before booking themselves again.


Court Maintenance

Courts are closed at certain times during the day, in rotation, for maintenance and watering. The club manager will book the courts for maintenance on the booking board and on line. Please vacate the court at the end of your booking time and do not go onto courts during maintenance times.

Please always sweep the entire court after play. Also, make sure you sweep the area between the fence and the base line as well as the areas that have been disturbed between the courts. Court sweeping is done at the end of your time slot. If the people following you do not wish their court to be swept, you do not have to do it. However, if they want the court swept it will be done within their time slot. It does not matter if you sweep up and down, from side to side or in circles.


On weekdays from 9am-5pm and weekends from 12noon-5pm, guests should be signed in by the sponsoring member in the club house and their fee paid before playing. Guest fees are $10 regular day rate for adults, $5 for juniors. A reduced guest fee of $5 is given for guests attending socials. If a guest is playing during prime time and the court is to be booked on line, the guest fee must be paid by visa at the time of booking the court or the reservation will be cancelled. During prime time all guest fees (adult and junior) are $10. The same individual may be a guest a maximum of 5 times a season. A member may bring a maximum of 3 guests per day. Special arrangements for short term memberships can be made for out of town guests. For example a 7 day pass for $60 is available for guests who live more than 100Km or more from Credit Valley TC. There will be a free guest week at the start of the season.

Club House Facilities

The club is fortunate to have change rooms and a kitchen. The club has washrooms on the main floor and change rooms are in the basement of the clubhouse, which is entered by steps outside the south end of the clubhouse. The clubhouse has a kitchen, which includes a fridge, kettle and a number of teapots, mugs, plates, cutlery, serving dishes etc. Members may use the kitchen facilities provided they leave the kitchen in good order (as they found it or better) with dishes clean, garbage/recycle in proper bins etc. Except by arrangement with the manager (for match or event food preparation), please do not leave any food in the clubhouse fridge or it will be disposed of promptly.

Club Supervision

The club is run on a voluntary basis. In the unlikely situation where a player is misusing the facilities or violating club rules, members should politely ask the individual(s) to desist. In the case of any rule dispute the Club Manager’s decision is final.


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